2024 Ilkley Carnival – Headline Sponsor

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Ilkley BID’s chair Ian White (right) joins primary beneficiary AWARE volunteer Rachel Miller (centre) Ilkley Carnival chair Andrew Stacey (left) and AWARE members George McKerchar

Ilkley BID Maintains Support for Vibrant 2024 Ilkley Carnival

The Ilkley Business Improvement District (BID) has solidified its role as the main sponsor for the 2024 Ilkley Carnival, solidifying our commitment to this much-loved community event.

This news comes after the BID’s successful re-election for a second term. Recognising the carnival’s significant impact on the town, the BID continues its sponsorship that began in 2022.

“Ilkley Carnival is undeniably the biggest one-day event of the year, bringing in roughly 10,000 people each May Day bank holiday Monday,” said Ian White, Chair of the Ilkley BID. “In terms of driving footfall to our shops and businesses, the carnival holds unmatched influence.”

However, Ian emphasises that the BID’s support goes beyond mere economic benefits. “The carnival represents so much more than just foot fall traffic,” he continues. “We understand that many of our members choose to sponsor because they value the positive contribution the event makes to our community.”

This year’s carnival, boasting a Mardi Gras theme, anticipates an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Organisers expect around 1,000 participants, including school children and local groups, to join the lively town centre parade.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Ilkley BID for their continued sponsorship,” said Andrew Stacey, Chair of the Ilkley Carnival. “Every bit of support makes a difference, and businesses have been the backbone of our sponsors for over a decade.”

The rising cost of living has unfortunately impacted the carnival, with a significant increase in expenses, particularly insurance, which has jumped by 56%. Additionally, new anti-terrorism legislation necessitates the implementation of enhanced security measures, further straining the event’s budget.

“These combined cost pressures leave us with no choice but to seek additional support,” Andrew explains. “The Ilkley BID’s commitment is a huge boost, and we hope others will consider lending a hand to ensure the carnival’s continued success.”

With the BID’s support secured, the 2024 Ilkley Carnival appears poised to be another resounding success, celebrating community spirit and bringing a touch of Mardi Gras magic to the streets of Ilkley.

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