Walkers are Welcome Accreditation for Ilkley

Ilkley BID has been working with various parties to achieve a national ‘Walkers Are Welcome’ accreditation for the town.

There are six key criteria elements required to achieve the accreditation.

  1. Demonstrate Popular Local Support: This involves showing broad community endorsement for the initiative. This could be achieved through resident petitions, surveys, or community meetings.


2. Gain Formal Local Council Endorsement: The local council (town, parish, or community council) needs to formally express their support for the application. This might involve passing a resolution or providing financial backing.

3. Maintain Public Footpaths: The town must demonstrate a commitment to keeping its public footpaths well-maintained and clearly signposted. This ensures a safe and enjoyable walking experience.

4. Market as a Walker-Friendly Destination: The town needs to actively promote itself as a welcoming and attractive destination for walkers. This could involve creating marketing materials, participating in walking events, or listing walking routes online.

5. Encourage Public Transport Use: The town should encourage walkers to utilize public transportation to access walking areas. This can involve working with public transport providers or promoting park-and-ride schemes.

6. Plan for Continued Support: Finally, the town needs to demonstrate a plan to ensure ongoing local interest in maintaining Walkers Are Welcome status. This could involve establishing a dedicated committee or outlining strategies for continued community engagement.

Ilkley BID has secured the support of Ilkley Town Council, formed a steering group, and are now gathering the evidence needed to submit a strong application for Walkers Are Welcome status.

Achieving the “Walkers Are Welcome” accreditation isn’t just about creating a welcoming atmosphere for walkers – it’s about establishing Ilkley as a premier walking destination. This designation will attract tourists, boosting local businesses like shops, cafés, and restaurants. Walkers Are Welcome also promotes Ilkley alongside other attractions, complementing existing tourism plans and propelling the town’s economic growth.

With the national recognition and a focus on best practices, becoming a Walkers Are Welcome town will solidify Ilkley’s reputation as a must-visit destination for walkers.

Pillar 1
Marketing the Town

Pillar 2
One Voice

Pillar 3
Clean & Attractive

Pillar 4
Business Support