Christmas Lights

While Ilkley Town Council decorates the main streets with festive cheer, Ilkley BID goes the extra mile to ensure a sparkling Christmas for the whole town. At the beginning of the first term it was recognised that some areas, despite being important to the overall Christmas atmosphere, weren’t included in the decorations. To address this, Ilkley BID funded the installation of Christmas lights in areas like South Hawksworth Street and the Crescent Courtyard.

Recognising the importance of a vibrant Christmas atmosphere throughout the town, meaning streets like Wells Road, Railway Road, Skipton Road, and even the Rear of the Grove sparkle with festive lights, creating a more cohesive and inviting Christmas experience for everyone who visits Ilkley during the holidays.

Thanks to the BID’s initiative, residents and visitors can enjoy a wider swathe of the town bathed in Christmas cheer.

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