Keeping Ilkley clean and attractive


Budget: : £136,250 over the five year BID period

Ilkley BID is committed to keeping Ilkley town centre clean and attractive, going above and beyond the services provided by the Bradford Council, recognising that cleanliness is a major concern for residents and visitors.

The BID will focus on enhanced cleaning throughout the town centre. This includes implementing new methods to ensure cleanliness in all areas, not just paved surfaces that traditional street washing can reach.

The BID will continue continue to provide Christmas lights to areas not covered by the Town Council’s budget. This ensures a more extensive and festive atmosphere throughout the town.

Finally, Ilkley BID takes a broader approach to attractiveness by contributing to initiatives that beautify the town. This includes introducing new floral displays and collaborating with the Ilkley Rail and Bus Board to improve the appearance of Ilkley Railway Station. These efforts contribute to a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing experience for everyone who visits Ilkley.

Marketing & promotion of the town

Business Support