Ilkley 2030 and beyond – Together for our Planet – Race to Zero

Jul 20, 2021News, Pillar 2

The Government is calling on every small business in the UK to take steps towards cutting their carbon emissions as part of the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050, in the run up to UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow this November.

The Government has launched the Together for our Planet Business Climate Leaders Campaign, a new drive to encourage small and micro businesses to commit to cutting their emissions in half by 2030 and to net zero by 2050 or sooner, through the new UK Business Climate Hub.

Businesses across the UK are loosing £billions on wasted resources so it makes more sense in becoming more resource efficient.  It can help businesses become more resilient, save money, and stay competitive while bringing significant environmental benefits as the UK aims to become net-zero carbon by 2038.

Different measures could include installing energy saving light bulbs, switching to electric vehicles and other cleaner forms of transport to reduce carbon footprint, looking at environmentally friendly packaging options or introducing cycle to work schemes for employees.

Ilkley businesses who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint have access to resources and financial assistance through the LEP.  Through their REBiz programme, eligible businesses can receive advice and financial support to become more resource efficient.

Support includes:

  • Free resource efficiency audits worth to £1,200.
  • 40% matched funding towards capital investment projects to a maximum £40,000 grant (60% business contribution).
  • Free circular economy consultancy of up to 30 days intensive support including:
    • Identification of opportunities and options appraisal.
    • Research and review of suitable process innovations and technologies.
    • Proof of concept.
    • Stakeholder engagement.
    • Market research, development and testing.
    • Business model review, development, and planning.

For more information and how to apply visit:

This a huge opportunity for the Ilkley businesses to go green – not only will they be playing a part in saving the planet, it will help grow their business and ensuring it is fit for the future.

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