LoyalFree Dino Trail – Summer 2022

Ilkley BID partnered with the LoyalFree app to bring a prehistoric adventure to the town centre. The Dino Trail, which ran from 6th August to 31st August 2022, was designed to attract families and encourage visitors to explore the high street.

The Dino Trail transformed Ilkley’s streets into an interactive playground. Families were invited to embark on a prehistoric adventure, following a trail that led them to 15 different shop window locations. At each stop, educational posters displayed fascinating dinosaur trivia questions. Participants could scan QR codes to unlock the answers and expand their dino knowledge. Hidden along the trail were anagram letters. By collecting and unscrambling these letters, participants could solve a secret word and gain an additional entry into a prize draw.

Completing the entire trail and scanning all the QR codes automatically entered participants into a prize draw to win a fantastic £30 Joules Gift Card or a £30 Ilkley Gift Card. The anagram challenge provided another opportunity to win, making the Dino Trail even more exciting for families.

The Dino Trail, a collaboration between Ilkley BID and LoyalFree, proved to be a successful marketing initiative. It not only attracted visitors to the town centre but also encouraged them to explore different shops and businesses while learning fun facts about dinosaurs. This unique project highlighted Ilkley’s ability to provide a fun and educational experience for families throughout the summer season.

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