Contractors & Suppliers

Ilkley BID Ltd has the fortuitous opportunity to deliver the following projects into the Ilkley BID Area, having secured funding to provide additionality for the BID businesses.  Interested Companies must not be sub-contracting the job and be able to start working on the project in August with a view to completion in less than 6 months – crucial.

We are looking for contractors to deliver on three projects:

  • Public Wi-Fi should consider future proofing, such as through a SMART City installation.
  • Augmented Reality Application Trails for visitors and residents to discover more of Ilkley as they enjoy meandering around the town. AR App development needs a company that can build this from the ground up as content must be original and produced by experience interpretation and story-telling experts who can produce content in a variety of different media and styles across 3D reconstructions and CGI, animation, film production, audio production, illustration, UI design and so on.
  • A Digital Regeneration Platform for requires a simple, intuitive user interface amongst other clearly defined features. It is important that the company has the ability to integrate the platform with the AR trails, be prepared to maintain and update the system for the first year and provide an e-training feature for ease of roll-out to business end users.

The deadline is very tight for project delivery and therefore interested parties should contact Geraldine Thompson, BID Manager promptly to discuss before close of business on 21st July 2021. More information is available for interested companies. Just call to register you interest and confirm which project has your attention.  
Tel: 07884 376057 or email: