Sep 15, 2021

As part of the development of a BID proposal for Ilkley, for more than 12 months, there was an extensive consultation process with Ilkley businesses. The BID is a business-led and business funded body, which means that businesses like yours have a genuine voice deciding and directing which extra services or activities you want for the area.

There were four main areas which were put forward by Ilkley businesses, which we are busy providing solutions to.

  • Create a recognised brand for Ilkley that businesses can use as a promotional tool.
  • Create promotional campaigns that benefit local business across the town.
  • Oversee targeted digital media campaigns, including extensive social media activity.
  • Carry out market research to identify and target new visitors for local businesses.
  • Develop initiatives to increase footfall to all areas of the town.
  • Work with tourism boards to develop collaborative and co-ordinated projects.

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One Voice for Ilkley Businesses

  • Be a strong voice representing Ilkley businesses to Bradford Council and other agencies on issues such as parking and work with them to find solutions.
  • Represent Ilkley businesses to lobby for improvements and investments in Ilkley.
  • Preserve the vitality of Ilkley for local businesses.

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A Clean & Attractive Place To Do Business

  • Hold local authorities to account for maintaining streets in a clean and safe condition.
  • Introduce new, landmark public art and floral displays.
  • Coordinate, create and promote an annual programme of events which support local businesses, including street entertainment and music.
  • Develop maps/visitor guides and trails to enhance visitor experience and promote businesses
    in all areas of the town.
  • Make sure Ilkley is easily accessible for all visitors.

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Supporting Businesses

  • Save businesses money by group purchasing initiatives on overheads such as energy, telecoms and waste disposal.
  • Work with public transport operators and other bodies to offer BID members discounts.
  • Encourage public transport operators to carry out seasonal discounted promotions for local businesses.
  • Enact a number of initiatives to support businesses within the BID boundary.
  • Produce and distribute a regular newsletter to Ilkley businesses.
  • Produce regular updates for businesses on the issues which are important to them and provide key performance information for the town.

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Marketing and Promoting Ilkley