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The town of Ilkley is growing and is about to grow considerably when more houses are inevitably approved between now and 2030. The population will increase and so will the opportunities for businesses. We have to keep that business in Ilkley, and not let it migrate to Leeds or even Bradford and Skipton. Ilkley has to be attractive to businesses and customers and tourists. How better to ensure this than give local firms the chance to invest in their future, Ilkley’s future, through a Business Improvement District?

£500,000 over five years under the control of local BID members – who could ask for more? The Town Council and I have been supporting this project for years now because the injection of funding, shared fairly between our shops and service firms, will make sure that Ilkley gets what Ilkley businesses want. I don’t know what this will be, but I do know that it will be chosen by local enterprises, not local politicians.

The BID will not take over work being done now by Bradford Council or Ilkley Town Council and will run in parallel with it. It will be good for employees and customers, mostly Ilkley residents. The Town Council supports the BID because it will help to make Ilkley businesses flourish.

Steve Butler
Ilkley Town Council

Otley BID Success

Last week voting closed for Otley businesses to decide whether Otley BID should continue for a 2nd term.

Steph Lee, Chair, announced on 13th November

“We are delighted with the ballot results which gives Otley a further £375,000 to spend over the new 5 year period beginning 1st April 2019.”

The results of the ballot were as follows: 543 ballot papers were issued of which 245 were returned (45.49%), of those papers returned 71% voted yes and we also passed the rateable value threshold that is legally required.

If you would like to view the 2019/24 Business Plan for Otley BID, it can be viewed at